Plastic Rules the World

Whether you like it or not, credit is very much part of our life. Hate it or like it, but you are unable to run away from it. Nonetheless, if you use your credit wisely, it could be an advantage to you.

Here we aim to discuss one of the common credit type in this modern era, credit cards. Credit card has revolved from a necessity tool to a symbol of status and most recent, uncontrollable debts.

Many willingly admit they can’t live their life without one. In fact, it is common for people to own more than one. And that is the power and influence of a credit card.

With the chaotic financial world and so called “deep depression” economy, it is essential to monitor the latest credit cards news and development.

Constant and rapid changes by the credit card issuers as well as the authorities are expected. So it is to your advantage to know what is coming and how it’ll affect you and your credit card.


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