Canadian Total Credit Card Outstanding Balances increased by 10.07%

March 31, 2009

Facts about Canada credit cards based on statistics released by the Bank of Canada.

The total credit card outstanding balances as at December 2007 is CAD$48.505 billion, compares to CAD$53.390 billion as at December 2008. This figures indicate an increase of 10.07% in the 12 months period.

Surprisingly, the outstanding amount is reduced to CAD$51.611 billion as at February 2009, a decreased of 3.33%.

As of Q3 2008, the statistic shows residents in Ontario made up 45.46% of the outstanding credit card balances in Canada.

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Singaporeans Credit Card Selection Criteria and Payment Habit

March 25, 2009

Survey shown when it comes to credit card selection for Singaporeans, the following criteria are on top of thier mind:-
convenience of use and protection, economics, and flexibility.

Interestingly, the males and females are attracted to different factors when choosing a credit card. Females were shown to value the promotional factor more, while males preferred the economic factor.

The following groups in Singapore tends to pay their monthly credit card balances in full:-
higher income earners, the better educated, older adults, females, married, and both Chinese and Indians.

Bad Debts Written Off for Credit Cards in Singapore increased by 5.97%

March 25, 2009

In the credit and charge card statistics, Monetary Authority of Singapore(MAS) shown that there are 4,472,262 of main cardholders and 1,173,988 of supplementary cardholders in Singapore as at 2007.

In December 2008, there are 5,056,582 of main cardholders and 1,221,333 of supplementary cardholders in Singapore. This is an increase of by 584,320 or 13.07% in 12 months period, while the supplementary cardholders has increased by 47,345 or 4.03% in the same period.

For detailed statistics such as total card billings, rollover balance and bad debts written off, please visit the site at Singapore credit cards comparison and online applications

The bad debts written off increased in 12 months(from 2007 to 2008) by 5.97% to S$S$115.4 million.

Australian Credit Card Purchases increased by 7.81%

March 25, 2009

According to the Reserve Bank of Australia(RBA) credit and charge card statistics, there are 13,915,371 of cardholders in Australia as at 2007.

There is an increase of 424,838 cardholders or 3.05% in 12 months period, making it 14,340,209 cardholders in Australia as of December 2008.

The rollover balance for 2007 is A$42.70 billion with an increase of 6.18% to A$45.34 billion in 2008.

The total credit card purchases has increased by 7.81%, from A$192.24 billion in 2007 to A$207.26 billion in 2008.

For further statistics such as total card transactions(cash advances and purchases) and credit limits issued, please visit the site here at Australian credit cards comparison and online applications.